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niàn is a range of artisanal knitted jewelry, handcrafted using a wide range

of materials, from metallic thread/yarn, silver and gold-plated metals, 925 silver,

Swarovski crystal and pearl elements, natural crystals and stones, 

to antique and pre-loved bits and bobs.


Materials for each niàn piece are sourced worldwide,

some new, some pre-loved so there may be limited creations of certain designs.


All niàn jewelry are individually handcrafted personally by the designer.

Every piece is nurtured with time, commitment and love,

brought to life through the meditative process of knitting.


Each piece takes between 3 to 20 hours to craft,

so please allow at least a week for the completion of each piece.





abacus labradorite.jpg
w wand fluorite.jpg




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